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Watchdog Security Systems

We wanted an attractive and intuitive website for our prospective clients to visit to learn about who we are, what we offer and as an easy way to get in contact with us.

We chose True InSite because Tim saw we were in need of an updated website. He reached out to us and offered his services. We felt confident in his skills as a web designer and trusted him to build us a great website, which he did.

Our new website now really showcases everything we have to offer to our clients and with our new “Contact Us” page, it is easier than ever for them to get in touch with us.

We really wanted people to know that we are a local, family owned security business and that we truly care about the safety of our community. Tim did an excellent job of making that the focal point of the website.

Creating a new website can be very overwhelming. Tim was very patient with us and helped us every step of the way with advice about online marketing strategies and examples of how we should present our content. We would recommend Tim to anyone wanting to update or create a new website for their business.

Gary O'Hara, owner

Your Financial Potential

Tim went above and beyond! I didn't just get a website, I received an experience. Tim helped with my marketing and challenged me to focus on what is truly important. I now have a fabulous website AND also gained true marketing insight, better at describing what I do, better at talking with people, and very proud to direct potential clients to my awesome website! He has also taken the time to help with my social media and there's been a significant increase in followers and engagement.

Use Tim and you will be very happy with the results!!

Steve MacLellan, "The Financial Engineer"

Nova Wood Products

We found the prospect of designing, building, and maintaining our company website to be kind of intimidating but Tim from True inSite really made the process easy and enjoyable. The most important thing is how he spent a lot of time listening to what we wanted, and found great ways to make it actually work! When we weren’t sure of how something should look, his knowledge and experience guided us along, and the result is something we’re very proud of and happy to share with our customers.

The website we have now allows us to do our own updating, so we can share news and photos as soon as we have them. Potential customers can see exactly what we’re doing today, our latest success stories. The website represents exactly who we are, and gives potential clients a comfort level of our abilities and strengths, which can lead to a contract.

Thanks Tim, for our great website, and for making a daunting process easier!

Lorne Spence

Sonideft Inc.

When I first approached Tim about our website, I knew that it was disorganized, looked old and poor for potential customers to understand what we do and how we could help them. Tim's approach to our business with a focus on end customer's needs was a breath of fresh air that made everything fall into place for us. Tim was particularly helpful in helping us relate to customers about very technical topics in a way that appealed to most readers.

I contacted a few companies about re-designing our website, but after talking and meeting Tim, I knew he was listening well to my needs and probed with the right questions to better understand the needs of our business and potential new customers.

I recommend True inSite Web Design to anyone who needs a website that actually communicates well with customers.

Stephen Cumminger, P.Eng, MBA | Principal Engineer

Magnolia Classic Cabinetry

I met Tim at a trade show and he took a genuine interest in our company. I trusted him from our very first conversation and found him very easy to work with. It was really important to me that our website be eye-catching and informative without being overwhelming. Tim delivered. He made building our website painless and easy. His thorough and personable methods of gathering content for an effective site made it effortless to showcase our company's work in the way I imagined. Unlike large companies, Tim was with me every step of the way with quick response time and continuous support. He listens to what you want to include in your site then does his magic, bringing your ideas to life. Face-to-face meetings with Tim make it so easy to discuss all aspects of the site.

If you’re looking to create a website for your business and want someone who is patient, experienced, creative, and understanding, Tim is your guy!

Mark McCully, owner

Green Fingers Landscaping

After a long search for a website designer, we almost lost hope and then we met Tim. His expertise and knowledge helped us grow Green Fingers Landscaping.

Our marketing efforts had been very poor and it was affecting our business. Tim offered a new vision and strategies, and helped create content to set us apart from our competitors. Tim not only designed a professional, very organized and user-friendly site we can update ourselves, he also helped create videos, set up Google and Houzz profiles to create more exposure, and composed templates to collect quality testimonials.

An important marketing part we were missing were great business cards and lawn signs reflecting the quality of our new site. We trusted Tim with the design and he did not disappoint. We are proud of what we now have to promote Green Fingers Landscaping and whenever we share our website and business cards, everyone is impressed.

Anyone looking for a great quality website and marketing services, just call Tim. It turned out to be the best investment we have made in our business. We are very happy with Tim’s work and highly recommend True inSite.

Keerthi, owner

Edmonds Landscape

I met Tim when he was photographing a home renovation for the contractor. Our conversation began because I was struggling with necessary major changes to our outdated website.

There was more than photographic design in his mind. Marketing strategy is a primary focus and, in time, he helped me to understand how that would work on a website.

We started a social media initiative and Tim has been very helpful with feedback in that regard. Throughout the entire process of redesigning our website and launching our social media presence, he has been there and has been an invaluable asset in that regard.

Our website is easy to navigate on computers and mobile devices so it is most definitely performing the way we hoped. Responsiveness has always been excellent. Requested additions or changes are done almost immediately.

Tim keeps up-to-date and in touch with developments in the Internet world. He has a clear view on what is of value and what is of no use. He listens... and takes the time to explain and walk you through a recommended path. We always appreciate a call from him, suggesting an improvement or recommended change to the site. It's not often we don’t agree.

Tim met my expectations and may have even exceeded them. He is exceptionally easy to work with and provides solid feedback on how we might be able to accomplish our goals with the website. It was a very good thing to have met him and our business relationship continues.

Lynn Edmonds

Graves Barns

For Graves Barns, the most important considerations for choosing a website designer/marketer was a portfolio of previous designs that appealed to us, a willingness to listen to the suggestions from our own marketing team and technical know-how.

We chose True inSite because we met Tim a few times at trade shows and enjoyed talking with him. His positive attitude and knowledge of current website and Social Media trends are what sold us. Tim is very patient and accommodating, a true pleasure to deal with.

The new website has really helped us direct potential customers to our business. It provides a great overview of the products and services that we provide, functions well on mobile devices, and looks great.

Tim did a wonderful job. We love our new website and look forward to more dealings with True inSite. Many thanks!

Steve Graves

Holly Robinson Mortgages

The goal for our new website was helping customers work with us and the result is 100% what we were looking for. Clients who are curious about our services can get to know us and start the process of financing a home.

Why did we choose Tim? Tim gets things done, is very professional, knows his business, likes his customers and enjoys his work. He is knowledgeable, experienced, goal oriented and fair.

We are busy and Tim understands what we need. He adds value by bringing us ideas and educating us on technology that will make our business accessible to current and new clients.

We recommend Tim Dittmer and look forward to working with him time after time. Our relationship is going strong after 15 years and that speaks louder than words. Thanks for your help Tim.

Bob Foster, MBA FICB

MacIntosh Landscaping

It is with absolute pleasure that I recommend Tim Dittmer, True InSite Web Design for your website design challenges.

I have worked with Tim over the past few years and I am most pleased with his professionalism, knowledge, honesty and dependability. For me Tim not only built us a wonderful website but was able to provide one of the BEST customer service relations that I have ever received. Tim will follow up with his clients to make sure they understand how to navigate their new website and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure that you will be 100% satisfied with the end product.

When I have a problem or am unsure how to do something I am confident that I can contact Tim to help me through any situation. Tim truly listens to his clients and I can tell he appreciates the business I give him just as much as I appreciate the work he is able to do for me.

Without a doubt, I recommend Tim to not only build you an amazing website but to develop a strong working relationship that will last for a long time

Tanya MacKenzie

Morash Construction

For me, key considerations for a website included a professional look, easy navigation, great photo galleries I can maintain myself, an accurate description of what we offer, and a way for potential clients to contact me with details of what they are looking for.

I chose True inSite after Tim was referred to me by another builder who was very happy with their website.

Tim was very helpful by giving me lists of questions I needed to answer to ensure proper website content and offered suggestions for improvements. The end result reflects well on Morash Construction, highlights my capabilities.

I highly recommend Tim. He is very enthusiastic, works hard and had great ideas to help market my company.

The website is generating a lot of leads and I often get comments from people who have viewed my website, even if they are not looking for a contractor right away.

Thank you very much Tim for the great job.

Jim Morash

Accurate Roofing

It is very important for potential clients to know what I do so they can feel more comfortable about contacting Accurate Roofing. I chose to work with Tim because I see how much he really cares about what he does.

The website is a very important part to helping our business grow and is performing very well, generating lots of leads. It accurately reflects the business and me, the owner, and we continue to improve our content.

It's always good to have a second opinion and Tim is always there to help with ideas. My experience with True inSite is great. Tim speaks his mind and won't lead anyone in the wrong direction.

I recommend Tim to anyone who considers investing in a powerful marketing tool to promote their business.

Josh Stevens

E&F Webber Lakeside Park Ltd.

Several years ago I was looking for someone to make a website for our Campground. I was referred to Tim Dittmer and have been very satisfied with his work ever since. He constructed our latest website and I have received many favourable comments from my customers.

The website accurately showcases our campground and our business policies. The videos and photo galleries combined with the site map are very helpful to campers in choosing the site they would like to camp on.

We get more and more people who identify the website as where they found out about Webber's Lakeside Park.

I have found Tim to be very helpful and eager to do the best he can to present the campground in the best way possible. I would recommend Tim and True inSite Web Design to anyone needing an up to date website.

Robin Webber

Priority1 Property Real Estate

I have known and dealt with Tim Dittmer for close to two decades and he has designed and maintained other websites for me as well. He is easy to work with, incredibly knowledgeable and talented and I would not hesitate to recommend him highly.

His work has helped in my success in both my Real Estate brokerage and my sport event announcing business. I would go nowhere else but to True inSite!

Mark Stein

Pouliot Forestry Services

For me, the most important aspect of a website is originality, making my company stand out from others. I chose True inSite to design my website because I really liked Tim's ideas, great dedication and friendly approach. My website is achieving its goals perfectly as it brings new customers and markets our services on the Internet. My website is a great reflection of who we are as people and does an excellent job at introducing the business. It is a huge help in marketing, finding new customers and explaining what we do. My experience with True Insite has been extremely good and I recommend their services without hesitation. I also received lots of help with marketing of my services outside of the Internet and Tim even designed my business cards. We didn't just build a website, we also built a friendship.

Sebastien Pouliot

KH Landscaping

After losing access to my domain, Tim suggested a new one that contains the most common words used in Google searches and I believe it will bring me more business.

My new Website is mobile friendly, a big consideration these days when most people use their phones or tablets to check things online. Unlike my previous site, I now have control over my photo portfolio and content so I can change it whenever I like. The software Tim uses is so easy to work with and easy to learn, giving me an incentive to keep everything current.

I find it hard to promote myself but Tim made some great suggestions for the content. He also recommended ways to help me better market my business.

I have had many great comments about my new site and would recommend True inSite for anyone wanting a better and more up-to-date online presence.

Kathy Harvie

IGLOO--IT Heat Pump Shelters

In today’s marketplace a Website is among the most effective tools to promote your business. The experience of creating a website for our new venture was both interesting and challenging. Tim was with us every step of the way.

A passion for perfection, along with excellent technical and marketing skills are a most impressive combination. He knows how to help you showcase and promote your business. Excellent customer service and total commitment to his clients, Tim offers prompt solutions to any concerns that may arise. Our sales and awareness have increased remarkably in the short time our Website has been active.

We highly recommend this talented gentleman to get you up and running on the information highway. Good job Tim!

Sharon & Jim

Mader’s Roofing Ltd.

Tim took a genuine interest in the operations of our company and took the time to accompany me to job sites to get a feel for the way we operate. He captured the essence of what we wanted to project to prospective customers about our company and our people.

Tim was patient, cooperative and available, always showing how far we could take the web site, but designing within the boundaries of our needs and concerns.

We have been rewarded with work stemming from the requests for estimates from that site.

Larry Mader

GForce Mechanical

I was looking to get the best website I could to showcase my product and talents. After talking to Tim I realized he has the same passion about what he does as me with what I do. My new website a great representation of what I'm trying to achieve and I think it's very helpful for potential customers. I'm now able to direct consumers to the site so they can see what we offer. My Google search engine ranking climbed from page 11 to page 2 in just a few months and since its recent launch, we have already had several leads generated from the website and many have turned into sales.

I'm very happy with Tim’s service and dedication. My new Website is a great way to generate more work and I would recommend this service to anyone looking for a new website.

Greg Levy

Spencer & Company Awnings

The website has exceeded my expectations and I have had many compliments from customers about its design and user friendly options to gain the information on my product and to contact me for further information or quotes. Since being set up I have gotten many inquiries and have definitely made sales because of it. My Website is on the first page on Google, putting information on my company in a good position when people are looking for a company to supply my service.

I am not very computer savvy and was a bit intimidated with the prospect of designing a website or even trying to explain to someone what was important to me for my business. Tim was able to make this process easy and not the least bit intimidating. He was able to make suggestions about relevant content and layout that make the site very easy to use. I am so pleased with the outcome.

I would definitely recommend True inSite Web Design, and Tim personally, as my experience was very positive and the results have exceeded my expectations as well as generated solid leads and sales for my business.

Pam Spencer

Pat McCarthy Renovations

Tim had already developed an amazing website for our company a few years ago, so it was a ‘no brainer’ to ask him to rejuvenate the site for us and create a new, responsive one that was compatible for all screen sizes.

He was keen to ascertain the styles and features that we wanted on our new site to ensure that it was truly representative of our company, and showcased our projects to entice potential customers to explore the business.

Within a day or so of the new website going ‘live’ we were already receiving compliments from both existing & new customers about how informative it is, and how much the galleries helped with their design decisions!

Pat McCarthy

Halifax Cabinetry

When Tim approached us about rejuvenating our web site, we got excited. We knew we needed to be able to showcase our work on our web site since we do not have a showroom. Tim understood our needs and goals and knew our web site had to achieve all of that and more. He was extremely patient with us as we had lots of questions and ideas and wanted to examine all options. He also was able to offer very good ideas and advise and we appreciate his professionalism.

In the end we are very proud of the website and feel it achieves everything we wanted. We’ve had nothing but rave reviews about the website and would highly recommend Tim as your web designer.

Monique Teniere

The Taxman

I am so happy with the service you performed and I have had so many positive comments.

One of my clients said, "Randal, I work on the Internet all day, every day, and your site is so well done!"
It was totally unsolicited & unexpected.

Randal L. Burnie

Plant Care

You were able to capture the essence of my business by thoroughly researching what my company does and applying that information to the site. Your insightful suggestions on how to make the script and content interesting and compelling were invaluable.

Thank you for your hard work and commitment to excellence. I couldn't be happier!

Randy Rosen

Friction Asset Management

Tim was referred to me by a colleague when I was starting my business.

From our very first meeting it was obvious that Tim took a different approach, taking the time to listen and learn how my financial services business was different from traditional brokerage model. Tim then crafted a user friendly and I believe ascetically pleasing website that brought my “reducing financial friction” to life.

I would certainly recommend Tim, he was professional, and consistently brought value added suggestions throughout the process.

James Whitman

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