The website design process

How it works & what you can expect

Initial Phone Call

Key points of The call

In order to determine whether I can help, I require basic information so I can do research.

Before we meet

In order for our meeting to be most effective, we will both need to prepare.

In-person meeting

Meeting agenda

I respect your time so I will aim to keep the meeting short.

Meeting objectives

The meeting is meant to help establish whether I am a good fit for you and whether we would work well together.

Website proposal & contract

The proposal

Surprises are never good, especially in business so I take the time to create a detailed proposal, summarizing the highlights of our meeting. This generally involves an outline of the website I envision, complete with button names and content ideas.

If other important parts of your online marketing are missing they will also be addressed.

The contract

Upon receipt of the signed contract and deposit, my work on your website begins. Projects usually evolve over time and the scope may change. If this were to happen, I will discuss potential amendments to the contract.

How long before the website is completed?

How long the website takes to build depends on the scope of the website and my current work-load. All original content needs to be provided unless you prefer I interview you instead to collect the information.

Website design & content

How does the design process work?

The outline established in the contract is used as a foundation. The colour scheme will be based on your logo to ensure consistency.

The new website will be built using a website address the public will not have access to and you can review the progress at any time.

How will website content be addressed?

You know your business best so original content needs to be written by you but I will create a detailed to-do list and break required website content into small and manageable pieces. Once items on this list have been completed the list is updated. This ensures we are staying on track and you will always know how close we are to completion.

I will assist with content as much as possible and make suggestions for improvements.

Website completion & launch

Review ...

Before the website is launched the content will be checked for spelling mistakes and you can review it to make sure everything is perfect.

And Finally ...

Website maintenance

With maintenance contract ...

I offer discounted packages to clients who wish to have ongoing website, computer and marketing support.

Pay-as-you-go ...

My minimum charge for small updates is only half an hour so most website updates are quite affordable.