How it works: the website design process

Creating a website can be daunting and overwhelming.

Below are the various stages in the process ...

Initial phone call

The call helps establish a foundation for a potential meeting.

Key points of the call

In order to determine whether I can help, I require basic information so I can do research.

  • Contact information ...
    • Name, phone & email
    • Website address
  • Overview of your business ...
    • What exactly you do.
    • How long you have been working in your industry.
    • Why you started your business.
    • Challenges you are facing.
  • Your competition ...
    • Who are they and why do you consider them your competition?
  • Schedule a meeting.
    • I will be happy to meet at a time and place convenient for you, including evenings and possibly over the weekend.

In order for our meeting to be most effective, we will both need to prepare.

  • What I will do:
    • Review your website.
    • Review your competition.
    • Create a list of suggestions and recommendations.
  • What I will ask you to do:
    • Review your own website, making a list of what you like and wish to improve on.
    • Review your competitor's websites (if applicable) and make a list of what you appreciate.
    • Outline what you are hoping to accomplish.

Face-to-face meeting

Meeting agenda

You are busy and I respect your time so I aim to keep the meeting short.

  • Share our findings ...
    • Thoughts regarding your own website.
    • Thoughts regarding competitors' website efforts.
    • My ideas and suggestions.
  • What do you hope to accomplish?
    • Discuss your current challenges.
    • Brainstorm ideas for the website to help overcome them.
  • Website review ...
    • Look at elements of your competitors' websites that may be a good fit for yours.
    • Give you a demonstration of my own websites and point out relevant features.
  • Review your marketing efforts ...
    • What other online marketing are pursuing?
    • Do you have a Google business profile? Is it complete?
    • Are you doing any offline marketing?
  • Wrap-up ...
    • Summarize meeting highlights to be used in the proposal.
    • Discuss any remaining questions or concerns.

The meeting is meant to help establish whether I am a good fit for you and whether we would work well together.

  • Did I listen?
    • Do you believe I understood what you do and hope to accomplish?
  • Did I answer your questions?
    • Was I able to answer them or do you feel there are important aspects I have not addressed?
  • Are our personalities compatible?
    • Creating a website is a team approach. It is important you feel comfortable working with me.
  • Do you trust me?
    • My aim is to always be transparent. I know a lot but there are subjects I may not be well versed in. If I believe I can help I will let you know. If I don't think I am a good fit, I may be able to refer you to someone better suited.

Website proposal & contract

The proposal

Surprises are never good, especially in business so I take the time to create a detailed proposal, summarizing the highlights of our meeting. This generally involves an outline of the website I envision, complete with button names and content ideas.

If other important parts of your online marketing are missing they will also be addressed.


I will ask you to review the proposal to ensure nothing was missed. Once you are happy, I will make the necessary changes and turn it into a contract.

The contract

Upon receipt of the signed contract and deposit, my work on your website begins. Projects evolve over time and the scope may change. If this were to happen, I will discuss potential amendments to the contract.

Website design & content

How does the design work?

The outline established in the contract is used as a foundation and a colour scheme is established based on your logo.

Your new website will be built using a website address the public will not have access. You can review the progress at any time. I will be asking you to review it at various stages to ensure it meets your expectations.

How will content be addressed?

Creating website content can be the most overwhelming task, considering you are running a business a the same time. If feasible, we will use content from your existing site as a foundation, as long as it still reflects your business.

I will supply detailed to-do lists to break website content into small and more manageable pieces, discussing what exactly is required. Once items on this list have been completed, revised to-do lists are created. This ensures we are staying on track and you will always know how close we are to completion.

I will assist with content as much as possible, possibly re-writing it. If I receive content I cannot understand, I will ask you to elaborate.

All content updates can be reviewed using the temporary website address.

Website completion & launch

Almost finished! A few more details remaining.

Tidying up...
  • Connecting email accounts ...
    • Depending on whether you are using your existing hosting or have decided to switch to True inSite, email settings may require updating or new accounts need to be set up.
  • Training ...
    • If you have chosen to take advantage of website features allowing you to upload photos or change text, I want to ensure you feel comfortable with the process. I will connect to your computer remotely to give you a demonstration and then watch you do it on your own. All instructions will be emailed to you as well.
  • Login details ...
    • Any account credentials that were created or accessed by True inSite will be supplied in a single email so you have all important information in one place. This may include email logins and settings, domain control panel, login for photo galleries and hosting.
    • With the information provided, you have control of all online marketing True inSite was involved with. You can then pass it on to someone else who will be able to take over.
    • If you wish, I can also provide you with a complete backup of your new website.
  • Updates after launch ...
    • Clients sometimes wish they had reworded content. I will be happy to make small text changes at no charge within 7 days of project completion. Structural changes are not included.

Website maintenance

With maintenance contract ...

Some clients wish to have ongoing website, computer and marketing support. I offer discounted packages allowing you to take advantage of any services you wish.

Pay-as-you-go ...

My minimum charge is only half an hour so small website updates are quite affordable. I can make a lot of changes in 30 minutes and always recommend clients send me multiple change requests at the same time to receive the most value.